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Student Loan Forgiveness Program Information


The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program was established by Congress, through the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007, as an incentive for individuals to enter the public sector and occupy public sector jobs. Borrowers who have made 120 student loan payments under eligible repayment plans while employed full time by certain public sector employers may have the balance of their student loan debt forgiven. The first of the cancellations of loan balances will be granted beginning in October 2017.


  • Federal, state, local, or tribal government organization, agency, or entity (includes most public schools, colleges and universities)
  • Public or family service agency
  • Non-profit organization under section 501(C)(3) of the Internal revenue Code that is exempt from taxation under 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (includes most non-profit private schools, colleges, and universities); Tribal college or university; or An organization that is not a for-profit business, labor union, partisan political organization, or an organization engaged in religious activities
  • Emergency Management
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public interest law services
  • Early Childhood Education (including licensed or regulated health care, Head Start, and state-funded pre-kindergarten)
  • Public Service for individuals with disabilities and the elderly
  • Public health (including nurses, nurse practitioners, nurses in a clinical setting, and full-time professionals engaged in health care practitioner occupations and health care support occupations)
  • Public Education
  • Public library services; and School library or other school based services
  • Charter School Education.


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